Control Labor - We examine and measure

We combine the knowledge and work ethic of the older generation with innovative industrial solutions. We aim for efficient, smooth and sustainable work/process.

MT magnetic process

What we believe in

Founded in 2010, Control Labor is a family business that aims to combine the knowledge and work ethic of the older generation with constantly evolving industrial solutions.

We believe that by continuously monitoring and applying innovative methods and new developments, it is possible to modernise current workflows, reduce inspection process time and make the non-destructive testing process sustainable.

VT visual inspection procedure
UT ultrasound procedure
Digital radiography procedure
PT liquid penetrant process
The team
Klaudia Juhász

Klaudia Ramóna Juhász
office manager

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billing, administrative

Imre Joó

Imre Joó
laboratory manager

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materials testing, technical

Nagy Péter CEO non-destructive material testing NDT

Péter Z. Nagy
managing director

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questions relating to quotations and contracts


The company was founded

It started at Budapest location with a staff of 4: in the beginning we started with traditional MT, UT tests.



Our first non hungarian client

We start our cooperation with our first Austrian client

More accreditations and new clients

We obtain accredited status for VT, PT, MT, UT procedures.
We sign a contract with our first German customer



Venture Capital investment

Széchenyi Funds. Venture Capital & Private Equity acquires a stake in Control Labor.

Introduction of an innovative process

We are gaining accredited status for the Radiographic Procedure and we are the first material testing organization in Hungary to acquire a system that enables Digital Detector Array imaging.



Development is unstoppable

Several of our staff have achieved level 3 certification in materials testing.
The turnover of Control Labor exceeds 1m EUR.

We believe that sustainability and safe, traceable and efficient work are fundamental principles in non-destructive material testing as well.
Control Labor is therefore taking further steps to fully implement the digital switchover.