Neglected materials testing tools for industrial sites

Asked and answered by CHAT GTP

What are the areas in industrial non-destructive testing where the tools for improvement are available, but not yet sufficiently integrated into daily activities?


  1. Automation: Industrial non-destructive material testing is currently done manually, which can be time-consuming and human-dependent. Automation would allow faster and more accurate testing.
  2. Integration into the production process: Industrial non-destructive material testing is currently a separate activity that is not always integrated into the manufacturing process. Integration would allow continuous monitoring of material tests and faster reaction to problems.
  3. Incorporating learning algorithms: Industrial non-destructive testing of materials does not currently use learning algorithms that could help improve the accuracy of results and plan for further improvements.
  4. The application of big data: The data collected by the industrial non-destructive testing is currently not integrated into the company's database, so the possibility of big data analyses is not available.