The conditions for a long-term and successful partnership:

a case study from Control Labor

Quality first: find out how we can meet our partners' expectations in the long term!

Working with Control Labor: a case study on what's behind customer satisfaction

Non-destructive testing goes beyond technical knowledge, it requires qualities that are not taught in training. Our successful partnerships are therefore the result of a combination of factors:

Decades of
field experience




Our company philosophy is the foundation of our success

We value the work of our experts and when selecting our technicians, we aim to select those with excellent work ethics who fit into the team.

We are convinced that this mentality is the only way to meet the unexpected challenges of non-destructive materials testing in the long term. Find out more in our case study!

Read our case study!

Learn about the background of our successful partnerships!

Even in long term, we can meet the quality expectations of our partners in challenging situations.

Complex testing services

We think systemically and as a team: this allows us to meet a wide range of requests and a wide range of material testing challenges without any problems.


successful testing project


missed deadline

We keep the challenges under Control...

no compromise on quality

  • Availability within 24 hours, prepared for the unexpected

  • Screening large volumes, with maximum precision, meeting deadlines

  • Complex material testing tasks: we use the latest technologies and our innovative tools are unique in the market.

  • Our material testing team meets quality expectations in every situation: this is the basis for a long-term partnership.

We show you how our materials testing team works in challenging situations!