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We are at your disposal, with or without immediate start, in the following cases
  • Massive product testing on site under specified conditions.
  • After individual identification immediate testing and immediate evaluation.
  • The tests will be documented in an accredited protocol which will be handed over to you.
  • Product testing according to customer requirements.
  • Unique product identification.
  • Preparation of documentation (test report, measurement report, recordings) on request and delivery for further analysis.
Why choose us?

Innovative technology - Digital Radiography (DDA)

  • No need to stop production processes, safe to work at 3.5 m behind the source.
  • It takes up to 2,000 shots a day, recording and imaging at the same time - the image is displayed on your laptop monitor in seconds.
  • For non-destructive material testing only at Control Laboratory in Hungary.
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Why choose us?

Seamless integration and documentation at different levels and details

  • Seamless integration into the business processes of large corporations; we adapt to multi-level corporate communication, confidentiality agreements, strict deadlines are not a problem.
  • We can provide different levels and details of documentation on request; specific identification, tables, protocols, test reports, etc.

What other benefits can you expect?


a fast and efficient multilingual team of material examiners


in urgent cases, we can be out within 4 hours domestically


we provide continuous working hours on request

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Frequently Asked Questions

We can make OK / NOK SORTING to the customer's raw materials or finished products. We sort the items that meet the given criteria into the OK set and those that do not meet the given criteria into the NOT OK (NOK) set. For example, we scan a large quantity of blocked finished products on the customer's premises using DIGITAL RADIOGRAPHY and look for component misalignment, component shortages or surplus components.

We mainly work with DIGITAL RADIOGRAPHY, but we also use magnetic methods for crack detection in large quantities and ultrasonic methods for material sorting.

In the case of ACCREDITED tests, we test for compliance or non-compliance with the standards in our accredited areas and document the results accordingly in an accredited report. For OK/NOK tests, we investigate deviations according to the partner's completely individual needs. For these tests, no accredited report is produced at the end of the test. Short time, high testing capacity, flexible multi-shift working, SOS start-up possibility are more important in this field. We ensure high quality of testing and accurate documentation in both areas.

Typically, automotive component manufacturing organisations require this service during the factory production of their new products, when an unexpected event causes a large accumulation of defective products in a short period of time. In these time-sensitive cases, due to supplier commitments, an effective way of sorting is the non-destructive DIGITAL RADIOGRAPHY.

Directly and immediately on the OK/NOK status of the products concerned. After analysing the X-ray images, defect photos, typical locations and occurrence of defects, the quality of the technology, the manufacturing process, and the failure of production equipment. Pre-screening with DIGITAL RADIOGRAPHY reduces the time spent on rework by orders of magnitude. Therefore, critical delivery deadlines are not compromised even by blockages resulting from unexpected events.

We primarily provide DIGITAL X-RAY recordings of the customer's products. Our aim with this service is to provide information on the internal condition of the product as quickly as possible, sometimes in real time. Here, our task is the rapid production of image information and sharing it with the customer in real time. The images are uploaded to a desired server folder. It is used in areas where large amounts of product, immediate visual information is required. The way the information is used is outside our remit, and we often don't even know it.

For aluminium foundries, for system-level porosity testing and instant feedback on casting machine settings. In areas where the use of the INFORMATION is NOT AGREED - may change over time - e.g. product development, with criteria not finalised or where the partner does NOT WANT to share details - for a product range where the criteria are known but cannot be released to an external supplier even after signing a non-disclosure agreement.

The study report is a detailed description of the study. Its minimum content is defined and its form is less formal than that of an accredited report. It includes a history, description of the tools/materials used, description of the procedures used, lessons learned from the study and summary/suggestions sections.

A MEASUREMENT LIST is a list typically used for measuring WALKING LENGTH or VARRATING HEIGHT. It consists of a unique identification of measurement points and their corresponding measured values. Optionally, it also contains an evaluation of the measured values, where "OK" is the measured value within the limit and "NOK" is the measured value outside the limit. The purpose is to accurately record the measured data and to provide an electronic version to the Customer for analysis. While the 2,000 measurement points listed on paper are difficult to process and require post-processing by the client for data entry, the information provided in excel can be analysed.

We will respond within 24 hours

Methods used

It shows various volumetric defects and volumetric continuity gaps inside the test piece.

Only with us, the latest digital radiography instrument (DDA), which allows you to take an instantly assessable image.

It shows the volumetric and planar discontinuities in the tested parts.

A technique used primarily for testing welds and materials. It is mainly used for testing steel (ferrites and austenites), aluminium, copper, but is also excellent for testing composites and other materials.

Metallic particles scattered on the surface to be tested and assembled by the magnetic field can be used to detect cracks and discontinuities in the material.

Procedure for ferromagnetic materials.

Used as a complementary element, as part of a complex investigation, it requires a high level of professional competence, experience and practice.

Its primary objective is to detect discrepancies in structural elements and components. There are no testing limits.

The process of joint work

We respond immediately and assess your needs

Once you have filled in the application form, you will be contacted within 1 to 5 hours in case of urgency.

We will discuss your problem in detail and find the best possible non-destructive material testing method. For the perfect solution, we recommend an on-site survey if you feel the need.

Once we have all the information, we will make you an offer. At that time, you can let us know if you would like a trial.

How is the trial work done?

If you have requested a trial work to decide whether to cooperate, we will make you an offer for the trial work.

After the pilot project has been completed, a decision will be made on whether we can continue to work together.

Administrative tasks

Next, we will prepare a quote and send it to you. If the quotation is accepted, it will be followed by a draft contract and, once accepted, an order form will be sent.

Once all the documents have been approved and signed and returned to us, there's nothing standing in the way of getting the job done.

Deployment and working

As described on the order form, we will show up at the place of work after a final telephone consultation. Here we will carry out the work as agreed.

After the task is completed, we will leave the site and hand over the agreed documentation package to you after processing.

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Péter Zoltán Nagy. / CEO

Péter is the managing director of Control Labor Ltd., an engineer, VT/PT/MT/UT certified professional with 10+ years of experience in the field of industrial materials testing methods, 20+ years of economic and sales experience