The importance of Digital Radiography (DRT)

Digital radiography is an inspection method used to detect defects and check the structure of materials.

A digital radiography is an efficient and advanced method of industrial non-destructive material testing that greatly facilitates the examination of the internal structure and defects of materials. This technology allows the production, storage and analysis of digital X-ray images and is widely used in the inspection of light metal castings.

Digital radiography is a long and constantly evolving technology that is gradually replacing traditional X-ray examination. The first digital radiography systems were introduced in the 1990s and have since undergone significant development. Digital technology allows for faster and easier image capture, storage and analysis of digital data, making the examination process more efficient.

A big advantage of digital radiography is that images can be taken and evaluated immediately. This allows for rapid troubleshooting and immediate feedback of examination results. 

Digital radiography plays a particularly important role in the examination of light metal castings. The frequent use of light metals, such as aluminium or magnesium alloys, in critical components makes it important to use reliable material testing techniques. Digital radiography allows the sensitive detection of low contrast defects such as cracks in these alloys.

Digital radiography is making significant inroads into the field of industrial materials testing. The benefits of the technique, such as fast and instantaneous image acquisition, easy data management and analysis, and high-resolution inspection results, are widely used in a variety of industries, including automotive, aerospace, machinery and metalworking.

Overall, digital radiography plays a key role in non-destructive materials testing. The continuous development and expansion of the technology allows for fast, reliable and efficient test results. Digital radiography can expect further innovations and developments in the future that will further enhance the efficiency and quality of materials testing.