Test procedures

Non-destructive testing procedures

About the radiographic examination

Radiographic material testing is a commonly used non-destructive material testing method according to standard specifications.

The innovative tool of Control Labor is the DDA (Digital Detector Array), which is the only one we use in Hungary for non-destructive material testing. The use of this test is best recommended when we have large quantities of products and need to be inspected quickly and there is not yet a system in place at the test site.

About the procedure

Radiographic examination reveals various volumetric defects inside the test piece, volumetric continuity defects and allows the inspection of electromechanical products without disassembly.

A truly reliable, fail-safe, and mobile materials testing method.

Examination procedures radiographic
Examination procedures radiographic
Madonna hand - radiographic examination
Madonna hand - radiographic examination

Advantages and disadvantages of Digital Detector Array

The advantage of DDA is that it is a mobile device and imaging is performed simultaneously with the acquisition, allowing immediate evaluation. When used, a relatively small area needs to be fenced off, beyond 3.5 metres behind the source it is safe to work. In addition, it requires much less preparation time than any other technology, taking just 3 minutes to take an image with packing.

The only disadvantage is that it is an X-ray system, so it can only be operated by qualified personnel - before you ask if you can take it for the afternoon...;)

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